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See also: Decoding the Development of the Neocortex

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(#) Co-corresponding authors

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(#) Co-corresponding authors

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What is the Rashomon effect?

Bel Borja L., Soubigou F., Taylor S.J., Fraguas Bringas C., Budrewicz J., Lara-Gonzalez P., Sorensen Turpin C.G., Bembenek J.N., Cheerambathur D.K., Pelisch F. (2020) BUB-1 targets PP2A:B56 to regulates chromosome congression during meiosis I in C. elegans oocytes. eLife 9, e65307

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Dev cell paper 2_edited.png

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(#) Co-corresponding authors

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(*) Co-first authors

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(*) Co-first authors
Cover article

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(*) Co-first authors


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